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Reflexology and Reiki based in Llanbedr, Gwynedd

Make time for healing

 Catherine Stredwick MFHT











Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher UKRF

Crystal Therapist ACHO Reg


Think Tree Hub

John Stredwick MAR













Reflexology based in Llanbedr, Gwynedd


'Peridot Healing' is the result of a challenging period of time for both of us in relation to health issues, after which we took the time to evaluate our lives and to find out what changes we could make to improve our wellbeing.  

 We looked at our health and the signficant impact that the day to day stresses of modern living undoubtedly have upon it.  

We decided that we needed to take control of our own wellbeing .

We researched and experienced various holistic therapies and found that Reflexology and Reiki were of benefit to us on both a physical and emotional level and continue to be so.

We now want you to discover your own ... 

'Holistic Path to Wellbeing and Natural Balance'

In order to help others we have both undertaken extensive training in our chosen therapies.  

We hold clinics local to Navenby and offer chaperoned home visits

in addition to our day to day clinics we are also qualified and experienced

therapists providing care to those living with cancer,  palliative care patients

and their families

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