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What is Aromatherapy?


The aim of aromatherapy is to restore wellbeing and balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level through the use of essential oils which can be achieved by either a massage or through inhalation of a blend of essential oils. 


Each essential oil has unique properties which are selected by the therapist because they are known to be beneficial for a particular ailment or series of ailments. 


A major cause of both physical and emotional ailments is stress. 


Stress creates tension in our muscles, which includes the heart muscle.   Our muscles work harder using more energy which in turn creates fatigue.  When we are tired, we are more likely to become run down and more susceptible to viruses, infections, dis-ease and mental fatigue.


Stress can be attributed to many factors, most of which are created by the way we live.  The impact of living in noisy, polluted cities, ever increasing workloads, financial problems, concerns over family and health can all lead to stress.


 The use of massage and essential oils stimulates healing processes within the body, improving circulation, reducing muscle tension and supporting the nervous system.  


Essential oils can also prove an affective analgesic in conditions such as arthritis, muscle and joint pain. 


A reduction in pain and achieving a sense of deep relaxation can be very uplifting on an emotional and psychological level and improve a client’s physical and mental wellbeing.


Aromatherapy through hand, foot and lower leg massage is only  included as part of a Reiki healing and not practiced as a stand alone therapy.  


Consultation Process


As with all our therapies a full initial consultation takes place including the completion of a Medical Questionnaire.  


This is is especially important in the case of Aromatherapy where contraindications may be present which will dictate which essential oils can be used and the type of massage appropriate for you.



I have a Diploma in Aromatherapy which was earned after a two year period of studying the theory of Aromatherapy and the practical use  of essential oils and massage in day to day treatments.  


I am very grateful to the numerous volunteers who allowed me to use them as case studies. 


I am an accredited member of the

International College of Holistice Medicine

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