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Reiki Courses


If you are looking at this page it would suggest that you are already exploring your own spirituality and healing potential, although it is not a prerequisite to undertake Reiki training.


I started my own training after a period of critical ill health during which my own faith and beliefs were challenged and I found that they didn't necessarily provide me with the answers or comfort I was searching for.


After successful conventional medical treatment, I researched and experienced other methods of healing in order to help me move on to the next stage of my healing process.  Quite by chance I happened upon my Usui Reiki teacher's website and there started a fufilling and rewarding journey to my own recovery which has now resulted in me being able to help and teach others the healing benefits  of Reiki.


As someone who is on a never ending journey of self development I then found myself drawn to Angelic Reiki and was interested to discover the differences between Usui and Angelic Reiki.  


As with all things in life some of you will be drawn to the teachings of Usui and others to Angelic Reiki.  I am fortunate to have been taught both systems and trained as a teacher in both, therefore providing more opportunities to share the healing of Reiki.


You may have already experienced the healing benefits of Reiki or indeed have already undertaken some training but wish to move onto the next step on your learning path.  Whichever of these applies to you there will be a course to meet your needs.


The Usui Reiki course I teach follows Dr Mikao Usui's own teachings and in the case of the Angelic Reiki I teach it is the original system of Kevin and Christine Core.  


Whichever system of Reiki you are drawn to it will enable you to develop and heal using your own intuition aswell as preset hand positions.  During a course you will develop and explore your own spirituality with like minded people, in a safe learning environment.  The courses are designed to be enjoyed and a full spectrum of emotions can be expected from tears to laughter.


Along the way you may even meet and make life long friends, as I have, enabling you to share your future Reiki experiences with others.


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