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I have gained an ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Therapy

whilst studying with

Hope College of Crystal Healing.

I have also studied and completed training with           Philip Permutt, 'The Crystal Healer' 

to Crystal Teacher level.


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You will have been brought to this page because, like me, you have been drawn to the energy of Crystals.  

I expect you have also bought one or two crystals over the years not understanding why.  Finding them on the beach, souvenir shops, MBS events and Crystal shops.

As a little girl I gathered a collection of pebbles from the beach, not realising until some years later that these pebbles included red Jasper and Quartz .

Over 2019 I will be adding a series of workshops and courses which will help you to understand why you have a connection with crystals and help guide you on your journey.

There are a series of workshops now listed on our bookings page which will start you on your way.

If you are thinking about becoming a Crystal Therapist there are several routes open to you and I will be able to help you achieve your goal.

Courses which will help you to achieve this will be advertised shortly.

BUT remember

'A Journey with Crystals can take many twists and turns but all start at the beginning......'

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