On the move again!

2017 saw us on the move again. Family ties were calling us back into England and we had to answer that call. After much soul searching and looking at maps of England we decided that Lincolnshire best met our needs. From the mountains of Snowdonia to the Fens of Lincolnshire.

We were back to square one again as far as the business was concerned and knew absolutely no one here.

We allowed ourselves some time off to get to know the area and settle in then we started to let people know we were here. Facebook, ads in community magazines, the website had been updated from day one. We had a taster day at a local community centre and even tried an MBS event.

Catherine was regularly returning to North Wales to complete her Crystal Therapy Diploma and teaching Reiki in Cheshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire where we have connections but we needed to get ourselves known here.

Then the phone started ringing. Most people had found us by good old Google. Catherine decided that she still wished to volunteer with Hospice patients and started to do half a day a week as a Reiki Practitioner. He