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Where it all began!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

The Beach, Dyffryn Ardudwy, North Wales

Peridot Healing took its first steps after we moved to North Wales. We'd had a couple of significant life events which caused us to sit back and look at our lives. We decided to leave our careers, look to our own wellbeing and came up with a plan that took three and a half years to come to fruition.

During that period, whilst still working we began training, John as a Reflexologist (fortunate to be taught by renowned reflexology teacher Louise Keet) and myself in Reiki. I began training in two very different styles of Reiki; Usui & Angelic.

The years passed quickly and before we knew it, we'd moved to North Wales from Hertfordshire.

What next? What do we call ourselves? We thought about something to do with the Green Man, but my research led to an awful lot of companies by that name mostly relating to gardening and lawnmowers!

We came up with various names, but nothing seemed to fit. In desperation I picked up a pack of Crystal cards for inspiration. I drew a card, Peridot came out, John drew a card; Peridot again. Then one last time; Peridot it was. Eventually we both decided on healing to compliment Peridot, and there it was: Peridot Healing. Our business.

We arrived in North Wales in the November and were ready to launch ourselves in the following April. We built our own website because we wanted it to reflect us and not some corporate mass-produced image, as well as designing our own logo, stationery, adverts etc.

We advertised in the local community magazine, had approaches from other businesses who were looking for therapists and offered our services to Hospice at Home, Gwynedd and Anglesey. The Hospice were very forward thinking and acknowledged the value of qualified, accredited therapists. I became a community practitioner visiting patients and carers in their homes and John worked out of the Day Centre. We had a small private practice and I had started teaching Reiki. We loved our new way of life and the difference the therapies made to others. Soon after, we became therapists for North Wales Cancer Care.

We made friends quite quickly and one who remains very special to us both. Through this friendship I embarked on my studies to become a Crystal Therapist completing an ACHO accredited Diploma course.

Our time in North Wales was coming to an end and we decided Lincolnshire was the place for our next adventure...

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