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Level 3 - Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

Three day course - 24 Hours


Peridot Reiki School*, Navenby, Lincolnshire

Exchange £375

On the first day of this course you will receive attunements to the Master Level.  The Master Practitioner Level (Third Degree) includes being shown the symbol and taught how it is used in Reiki. 

 The second and third days are usually held 5 weeks after the first day allowing time for the Master Level attunement to settle with you.

You will receive further instruction as a Reiki Master which will also inlclude the practical aspects of running a professional business practice.

If you are looking to practice as a Professional Reiki therapist and  increase your self confidence when giving Reiki this course will set you on the right path.  

Master Practitioner course requirements provided on request.

Once you have gained in confidence and are secure in your practice then it is most likely that you will wish to share and attune others to Reiki this is all covered at the Master Teacher Level.


Please contact me for further details of the Usui Master Teacher level if appropriate. 

A course manual and certificate are included

Courses also available in
North Hertfordshire, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire


Just for today, do not worry,                      Just for today, do not anger,

Honour your teachers, parents and elders,           Earn your living honestly,           Show gratitude to every living thing

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